Storage Units are a Useful Tool for Home Renovation

AtlanticSelfStorage_Remodel1Every major home improvement or renovation involves dozens, if not hundreds, of decisions. Most of those decisions are about the end-product: the room’s layout, functionality, materials and colors. But some decisions are about the process itself: how will the job get done, and how will your family live in the home while it’s going on? The bigger the project, the more disruptive it can be for your household routine and your peace of mind.

One decision that many homeowners make early in the process can make it all go a lot smoother. That’s the decision to rent a self-storage unit. You might find rented storage space to the most useful tool of all during your home renovation.

Here’s why:

When To Rent a Self-Storage Unit
Household repairs and remodeling can produce chaos as you tear up cabinets and flooring and move or remove walls. The furnishings and appliances that used to reside in those spaces has be to pushed into other living areas of the home, or constantly shifted around within the work space, where it interferes with the work and can be subject to damage.

By moving those items out of the home and into storage, you free up room in the work space, so the work goes smoother and the items themselves are protected from damage and from sawdust or plaster dust that would otherwise settle on them. Moving them out of the house also means that other areas of the home won’t be crowded with unneeded items. You really don’t want to live with the washing machine or the refrigerator in the bedroom for the next month.

Here are a few examples and how storage units can help.

Kitchen Remodel

There may not be a lot of movable furniture in your kitchen, but most homeowners keep some of the major appliances, and these are best kept out of the way. You’ve also got cabinets full of pots, pans and extra dishware that you won’t need for a while, even if you plan to keep using the kitchen on a minimal basis during the remodel. A storage unit can provide the space you need to keep it clean and get it all out of the way.

New Flooring

Everything has be to removed from a room when you replace the flooring. Sure, you could put it into another room, but if the project takes more than a few days, this is an inconvenient solution. A storage unit allows you to keep living in the rest of the house undisrupted.

Building an Addition

If you are adding a room, you might need a place to store construction materials, especially if you won’t be on-site to watch over expensive supplies. Self storage also allows you to buy and store furnishings and home décor before work is complete.

Redoing a Bathroom

A small short-term storage unit provides a place to put your extra bathroom furnishings during a renovation. It’s also a convenient place to keep your new toilet, bathtub, and other bathroom fixtures until you’re ready to install them.

Rent a Unit Fast

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